About Us

Data Selling By Farmers For Farmers

  • Everyone says data is valuable. But how to realise that value?
  • Individually your single farm data is not particularly valuable. But aggregated, it is. And you probably have more of it than you think
  • Problem : agricultural data is particularly diverse and a pain to deal with. 
  • Solution : That's where we come in. Structured like a grain marketing co-op we give you the chance to make the most of the data

How It Works

  • You provide the data.  We accept a wide range of formats
  • You pay a joining fee which makes you a shareholder. 
  • We clean, standardise, anonymise, store it. 
  • We market and sell the data. 
  • We give you a return. 


We are fully launching in first quarter of 2018 and are looking for users to test the service. 

Data To Offer?

Soil maps, harvest yields, weather records, crop trials, machinery performance. We are interested in it all

Data Required?

Processors, machinery companies, agronomists, researchers. We can source the required data for you. 

Contact Us

Email Us - What Data can you offer or require?